PTCRs - Process Temperature Control Rings

PTCR Temperature Rings:

Process Temperature Control Rings (PTCR) are a reliable and accurate temperature indicator that effectively measures the thermal energy received by products during firing or sintering. PTCR rings take into account the amount of heat radiated and transferred throughout the thermal cycle, as well as the parts that are in the furnace.


7 types of PTCR rings are available: ZTH, UTH, ETH, LTH, STH, MTH, HTH covering a temperature range from 560 °C to 1750 °C. The rings are identifiable by a colour code assigned to them, as well as by a batch number engraved on each ring during pressing.



Advantages of the PTCR temperature measurement rings:

  • Easy and accurate digital temperature measurement not subject to operator judgment.
  • Unmatched accuracy of ±3 °C compared to conventional pyrometer watches or cones.
  • Optimises the firing process by mapping the temperature in the kiln.
  • Allows the detection of deviations or anomalies during the thermal cycle.
  • Improves the quality of the product at a lower cost in the context of SPC (Statistical Process Control) type quality monitoring.
  • Reduces final quality control and therefore costs.

PTCR rings are produced by FERRO in Saint-Dizier, France under ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certification.

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