Tools for Surface Finishing

Fine grinding tools

DEGUSSIT fine grinding tools are free of bonding agents and, due to the extreme hardness of the sintered aluminium-oxide crystals, have excellent resistance to wear and deformation. This property is particularly important when performing precision work aimed at achieving outstanding surface quality and dimensional accuracy. The low level of wear results in major cost advantages.
In the finishing process using DEGUSSIT fine grinding tools, the surface of the work-piece is not only machine-processed but, using the finest grain, it can also be pressure-strengthened and polished. Fine grinding tools made of DEGUSSIT DD57 offer the following benefits:

  • Extreme hardness
  • Exceptional durability of edges and profiles
  • High resistance to wear = long operational lifetime
  • Outstanding surface quality of the work-pieces

Our fine grinding tools are perfectly adapted to the following areas:

  • Precision engineering and watch-making industry
  • Glass and optics industry
  • Tool and mould-making industry
  • Electrical industry

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