Tools for Surface Finishing

Fine grinding tools

Kyocera DEGUSSIT superfinishing abrasives are made from pure alumina doped with chromium without bonding agents. The addition of chromium gives the ceramic a high degree of hardness and dimensional stability, as well as a characteristic red colour. This crystal structure is better known as ruby.

DEGUSSIT DD57 superfinishing abrasives are available as a range of standard tools with 3 possible grit sizes: fine, medium and coarse. The grinding stones, files and wheels are used for grinding, sharpening or deburring of hard materials.

Characteristics of superfinishing abrasives:


  • Extreme hardness
  • Exceptional edge and profile life
  • High wear resistance; long service life
  • Very good surface finish of workpieces after machining or manual reworking

Our superfinishing abrasives are ideally suited for the following fields of application


  • Precision engineering and watch industry
  • Glass and optical industry
  • Finishing and adjustment of plastic moulds
  • Finishing and adjustment of cutting and stamping tools
  • Reworking of hard materials (carbide steels, porcelain, glass, etc.)

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