Technical industrial ceramic products

Kyocera's advanced ceramics offer a wide range of properties (thermal resistance, electrical insulation, resistance to wear and corrosion, etc.) which enable them to be used in many innovative fields such as: metallurgy, the glass industry, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, aeronautics, space, offshore oil exploration, and fundamental or applied research. In order to meet the requirements of these different sectors, industrial ceramics are available in a wide range of materials and products with very different physical and chemical properties. When the conditions of use become demanding, industrial ceramics offer a choice alternative to usual materials such as metals or engineering plastics with or without surface treatments or heat treatments.




Why choose technical ceramics?

Industrial ceramics have properties that allow them to be used in very demanding applications. They are referred to as high performance materials as they offer excellent results in terms of resistance to high temperatures, wear, nuclear radiation and also in terms of geometric complexity and part finish. For example, some advanced ceramics such as alumina are known for their resistance to high temperatures, making them the materials of choice in all areas of application where products are subjected to high temperatures. Some of these materials also show remarkable wear and corrosion resistance, making them very interesting and useful in Industry 4.0 and making them durable products.

Our alumina products, why choose this ceramic?

Kyocera alumina or aluminium oxide is a refractory ceramic suitable for very high temperature applications > 1400 °C. Different types of pure alumina are available under the following trade names: DEGUSSIT AL23, DEGUSSIT AL24, DEGUSSIT AL25, DEGUSSIT FZY, F99.7, FZT, DD57... For example, in the form of DEGUSSIT AL23 (99.7% pure and dense alumina), this material withstands temperatures of up to 1950°C and is highly resistant to thermal shock (for an oxide). Furthermore, even at high temperatures, this material retains very good dimensional stability and electrical insulation. Creep does not become significant until 1400°C under load. This industrial ceramic also offers excellent corrosion resistance, which allows it to be used in the glass industry and in R&D. Finally, its good wear resistance significantly increases the service life of stressed mechanical components and makes them durable products. We offer extruded alumina products in the form of tubes, sleeves, beads and capillaries. They can be used in industrial furnaces or in pyrometry for the manufacture of thermocouples. Pure alumina C799 fusion or calcination crucibles are very useful in R&D and are available in a wide variety of shapes: flat-bottomed cylindrical, hemispherical-bottomed cylindrical, conical, pods, combustion box, ATG/ATD crucible for high-temperature analysis... These products are used as containers for products heated to very high temperatures.

Alumina is also available in the form of semi-finished products such as bars, rods, sticks, round plates, square plates, rectangular plates and strips. 

There are also ceramic balls. There are two main types: grinding balls and precision balls. Grinding balls are used to grind and mix components. Precision balls are perfectly spherical for mechanical or calibration use. 

Within our standard Kyocera products there is also a range of insulating tubes and electrical bushings produced by vacuum silver brazing. These hermetic ceramic (alumina) - metal brazed components are suitable for vacuum, high voltage, pulsed magnetic field, cryogenic and room temperature applications.



Our technical ceramic products

We also offer other Kyocera ceramic products (and advice) to ensure the best possible product for a given application and environment.

Superfinishing tools are made from pure alumina doped with chromium (which gives it very good dimensional stability and high hardness). This gives these products a characteristic red colour. These superfinishing abrasives have exceptional mechanical properties and are available in a range of standard tools; files, grinding stones and wheels with different grit sizes: fine, medium and coarse.

There are also PTCR (process temperature control rings) for measuring very high temperatures, for example in industrial furnaces. They are produced by FERRO in Saint-Dizier and provide reliable and accurate temperature measurements.

We are the official distributor of CORNING in France. The products offered in MACOR® are maxi-slabs of 15 kg, semi-finished products (plates or rounds) or CNC machined parts according to the customer's drawings.

Finally, we offer refractory cements for electrical insulation and/or assembly for ceramic-ceramic or ceramic-metal high temperature assemblies.

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