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ÖGUSSA Platinum Laboratory ware

Platinum is an extremely resistant material. The special performance characteristics of appliances made of platinum have made them the standard equipment for doing chemical analysis in manufacturing and research laboratories.

The relevant materials are alloys of the platinum group metals (platinum, rhodium, iridiumand palladium) or gold. On request, all the appliances are also available in pure platinum and silver.

The constituents of the alloys are determined by the material characteristics required by the application process:

  • Wetting behavior
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Melting point
  • Longtime rupture strength

Another advantage of this high-performance material is the economic benefit of its clearly longer useful life.

Customized solutions and modifications are just as much part of our modern and flexible manufacturing process as are innovations. The precious metals extracted by our experts from used crucibles and recycled into new alloys and products have the highest purity.

To provide you with an easy-to-use catalogue we have compiled the most important models and specifications.

Part of Umicore group, Ögussa is is in charge of platinum laboratory ware sector.

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Agosi Refining Precious Metals

At Agosi, your material is in safe hands.

With this refining capacity, Agosi ranks among the biggest refineries in Europe. More than 2,000 tons of material bearing precious metals from more than 20,000 deliveries per year to our company speak in our favour.

In the field of precious metals, Agosi plays an important role as a closed-loop refinery, manufacturer of semi-finished products and supplier of raw materials, namely gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

When processing your orders, Agosi gives top priority to working reliably and diligently.

Systematic refining:

  • Each batch size is handled separately for each customer and for each material.
  • Every step is carried out separately from other customers’ orders, and are documented accordingly.
  • Every step within the process can be retraced.

For your use:

  • We credit the precious metals to your weight account.
  • You sell your precious metals to Agosi at current market prices.
  • You receive the precious metals physically (as bars, granules or semi-finished products, depending on your requirements).

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Worldwide connections

Our metal trading department is always connected online with the most important international marketplaces and offers services such as the purchase and sale of precious metals, price hedging, financing, bank transfer payments and the physical delivery to a recipient of your choice.

As our team is constantly available during trading hours, we are guaranteed to react quickly to movements on the market on the basis of current market rates for invoicing and settlement.

Contact us by email:

We would be happy to give you individual advice at your premises about possibilities to optimize your dealings with scraps and about their collection and transportation.


For detailed information, please visit or consult our brochure pdf.

Part of Umicore group, Agosi is in charge of precious metal refining sector.


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