MACOR Machinable Glass Ceramic

Value Statement

MACOR® MGC is a solid, trusted foundation for you to realize your designs quicker. Its unique combination of properties makes it an easily machinable, versatile, and high performing material even in harsh operating environments where precision is a necessity. From aerospace to medical equipment applications, MACOR® MGC reduces fabrication times and is tested to fit complex design requirements. Your future business success is fully supported throughout the lifetime of your products.


MACOR® MGC is a unique and flexible material that boasts the performance of a technical ceramic, whilst retaining the versatility of a high-performance polymer and the machinability of a soft metal. MACOR® MGC remains stable at high temperatures and pressure, and it can very quickly be designed into complex shapes using conventional metalworking tools.

MACOR® MGC has a continuous use temperature of 800°C, and a peak temperature of 1000° C. Its coefficient of thermal expansion matches most metals and sealing glasses, meaning it can perform in harsh operating environments where precision is a necessity.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Fast turnaround, no post firing required
  • Holds tight tolerances, up to .0005”. Configurations are limited only by available equipment and the experience of the machinist!
  • Versatile technical ceramic material with technical strength and insulation properties exceeding high performance plastics
  • Clean, no outgassing and zero porosity
  • Won’t deform, unlike ductile materials
  • Has low thermal conductivity, is an excellent electrical insulator
  • Radiation resistant
  • Can be soldered – both to itself and to a wide range of materials

Over 200 distinctly shaped MACOR® MGC parts can be found on America’s reusable Space Shuttle Orbiter; retaining rings of MACOR® MGC are used at all hinge points, windows and doors. Large pieces of MACOR® MGC have also been used in a NASA spaceborne gamma radiation detector.

On the ground, medical device manufacturers also appreciate MACOR® MGC’s machinability and dimensional stability. The material is incorporated into precision devices, which helps medical professionals deliver quality and effective patient care.

MACOR® Machinable Glass Ceramic is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated, Corning, NY.


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